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How much will a ShawnsWeb site cost?

Depending on your specific needs, how often you would like updates and optimization to be preformed on the site. We also offer special payment options and packages for new start and struggling small business. Contact me to discuss your goals, ShawnsWeb wants to see you successful. 

I want to sell my merchandise online. Can ShawnsWeb set up a virtual shopping cart?

Yes. Everything from t-shirts to garden hoses ShawnsWeb can get you set up and shipping out with an amazing turn around time. ShawnsWeb recommends using PayPal for secure and end-user trusted online financial transactions. We are also happy to work with Sell Bits and eBay as a means of online promotion. 

I already have a website that works, can ShawnsWeb do anything to boost my ranking?

We can but at this time ShawnsWeb only guarantees results for sites that we produce.

Your websites look simple and basic.

ShawnsWeb sites are cost effective solutions for small businesses looking to gain exposure. This simple form of web design gives small business an advantage. Talking to owners nationwide we want our message delivered quickly and clearly. Achieve this simply and directly.

What does ShawnsWeb need from me?

You provide the content for your website. You have to know what you want to say to your potential customer. Let’s say you own a sandwich shop, talk about your bread, meats and cheeses. Tell your potential customer why your choices are healthier.

What is “Website Content”

Website Content is the information contained in your website. This is where you need to shine. Tell you customers not that your better but what exactly is better about you. Let’s be serious, your asking people to spend their money with you over someone else, so tell them why. You have to prove that you are the most knowledgeable person in your field to hold a top spot on a search engine.


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