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ShawnsWeb can integrate popular Social Media links and live feeds to your website. We also are happy to offer up ideas and proven techniques to use these sites to your advantage. It is a common misconception that you need only have a page. In some cases this may not be true. These sites thrive on interaction from it’s users and if you do not have frequent interaction your page will be more likely overlooked than one that is visited daily or hourly.

It’s Social Media, so be Social.

People who comment  or visit your page want to see new information or comments from you within hours not days. The idea is to have fresh information for them whenever they visit and even a few things that they have to catch up on. The most successful companies that have Social Media pages have people, actual employees devoted to just that. They sit and cater to the Social Media page responding to comments and posting new links. This keeps people involved in your page which makes them more likely to be a repeat customer and refer friends to you.

Use Check-Ins to promote specials.

When customers visit your business have them Check-In on Facebook. In return offer some small valued item or service. You can also have the customer add whatever promotion you have running that day. This can be huge for a bar or restaurant. Imagine one free drink leading to 30 people standing at your place, sure you gave away 30 free drinks but you gave them to 30 customers you may not have had.

Make sure your Social Media Information is posted in your Establishment.

Let’s say you have a Barber Shop and you put a sign by the register about your social media pages. Great job, but you could be maximizing exposure by having it by a fish tank or even the mirror at the Barbers Station.

Were you sure to include information on how they can find you easily?

Would it be easier to take their information and look for them yourself?

Did you alert them to Check In Specials or Online Advertising Discounts?

Is there any way to convey this message faster and/or more clearly?

Then What do I do with the People?

Interact with them, give them something to think about that relates to your business. Another school thought is to post hobbies or updates to keep people coming for something other than your product or service. The Music page here at ShawnsWeb is a perfect example. It is a compilation of various artists mixed live by our owner on the B-52 Prodigy FX All-In-One DJ Workstation. Each time ShawnsWeb uploads a new mix it is posted to my Social Media Pages for people to enjoy, share and most importantly talk about.


Social Media and ShawnsWeb, Let’s Talk About It!