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In order to make your company look it’s best we need information to put in your website. As Shown Here, a website is what you put into it.


Gather all of the photos that you have into one folder. Open up an account at DropBox.com and use the address that your Shawnsweb representative emailed to you.

A list of what you need the website to do.

Do you need an online store with a shopping cart? Would you like visitors to login for a more personalized experience? How about just looking to get your company information out on the web?

A list of the pages you need.

How many pages do you need in order to get your information on the web as clearly and organized as possible.


Unique content is what sets your website apart from the others. Offer up some information that you have and better rankings will result. Search engines want to show the person searching the best possible information. It’s that simple. No need to give away all your trade secrets but be sure to talk about tools and techniques of your trade.

Information to gather while thinking of your website.